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Katlax Enterprise Pvt Ltd
Katalax is the leading manufacturing company of different types of sensors such as Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Hall, Namur, sensors for Textiles amongst others. Along with Connectors, Safety Light Curtains, Junction Boxes, Signal Tower Lamps, Electronic Seal Monitoring System, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Humidity-Temperature Transmitters, Converters, Process Indicators, Digital Displays, Digital Preset Counter, Under speed relay Unit, RPM Indicator and other wide range of products.We are "Inductive sensor manufacturer" "Capacitive sensor manufacturer" "Photoelectric sensor manufacturer" "Hall sensor manufacturer" "Namu sensor manufacturer" "sensors manufacturer for textiles" "Connectors manufacturer" "Safety Light Curtains Manufacturer" "Junction Boxes Manufacturer" "Signal Tower Lamps Manufacturer" "Electronic Seal Monitoring System Manufacturer" "Differential Pressure Transmitters Manufacturer" "Humidity Temperature Transmitters Manufacturer" "Converters Manufacturer" "Process Indicators Manufacturer" "Digital Displays Manufacturer" "Digital Preset Counter Manufacturer" "Under speed relay Unit Manufacturer" "RPM Indicator Manufacturer"
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